15. Section Engineer - Traction Power Substation



The Sectional Engineer- Traction Power Substation will work as a part of the CRE’s (Traction) team and is required to manage and lead the efforts of the inspection and quality assurance of the project related to construction/erection/installation of Traction Power Substation in conjunction with the construction program of the project. 

This position requires to make field visits and inspections of ongoing construction including installation, testing & commissioning of all plants & equipment for traction power supply under various field conditions, do interface management with various stakeholders and submit periodic reports to CRE.

The responsibility includes administering the site-specific Quality Assurance programs. He/She must follow the advice of CRE (Traction) and guide the team and other stakeholders within his/her area of expertise and manage construction management services for the Project and perform other duties as assigned. Shall maintain close liaison and act as a bridge between CRE and field units.

The Sectional Engineer- Traction Power Substation will be assisted by a team of Site engineers positioned at adequate locations.

REPORTING TO : Chief Resident Engineer


The Qualifications required for the job are:

  • BE/B/Tech (Electrical)
  • Total Relevant Experience = 10 years out of which 4 Years should be in Metro project.


Best as per industry norms


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