14. Site Engineer - Traction Power Substation



The Site Engineer will work as a part of the Sectional Engineer’s/Traction Power Substation team and is required to manage and be at the fore front of all efforts required for inspection and quality assurance of the project related to construction/erection/installation of Traction Power Substation in conjunction with the Scope of Work, Construction program and Quality assurance plan of the project.

This position requires to make extensive field visits and inspections of ongoing construction/erection/installation including installation, testing & commissioning of all plants & equipment for traction power supply, do interface coordination with various stakeholders and submit periodic reports to Sectional Engineer. The responsibility includes inspecting and monitoring the site-specific Quality Assurance programs. He/She must follow the advice of Sectional Engineer and guide other stakeholders within his area of expertise and supervise construction management services for the Project and perform other duties as assigned. Shall maintain close liaison and act as a bridge between Sectional Engineer and field units.

The Site Engineer will be the Site representative of Engineer for construction/erection/installation related activities. 

REPORTING TO : Section Engineer


The Qualifications required for the job are:

  • BE/B/Tech (Electrical)
  • Total Relevant Experience = 6 years out of which 2 Years should be in Metro project at equivalent position.


Best as per industry norms


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